Contemoporary jewelry

Floating in space. Being in one place and experiencing the lack of connection or relation to time and location seems to create the sensation of physically floating in space. Sometimes this feeling can be pleasurable and even inspiring, but most of the time it causes dissonance between my surroundings and myself and leads to discomfort within my own personal boundaries. How does the emotional state of an individual affect their ability to communicate? How do previous experiences influence the connections we make? I am interested in the cultural differences, and the way these affect our relationships and the connections we make throughout our life. Cultural differences affect the way we make connections and friendships, the way we feel in a social environment and the way we understand the reality around us. These differences can make one feel lonely and disconnected. Loneliness is a feeling that is often disregarded even though research has shown that chronic loneliness lays the foundation for depression, anxiety and other mental disorders and disabilities.
Loneliness is a feeling that can either be inherent or acquired. According to the professional literature, some people grow into an acute feeling of loneliness and longing, oftentimes to an unknown experience or place; others acquire a sense of loneliness as a result of geographical and cultural relocation, loss of a loved one, traumatic event, etc.
The reoccurring pierced spheres represent my loneliness. The objects are fabricated out of thin sheet metal, which makes them vulnerable despite the inherent strength of the metal. The spheres embody the dissonance between my wish to connect, while remaining protected and distant.